With the holiday home plumbing tips in this article, you'll help protect your home during the colder months. Autumn is here already and with winter right around the corner in order to prevent plumbing emergencies from happening during the holiday season you can take some precautionary steps to minimize stress and frustration. For example, drain clogs happen over time due to a build up of food, soap residue, hair, grease, and other debris. And when the holidays roll around there are typically more guests in the home and this creates a strain on the plumbing system. More food and grease are present in the kitchen drains and garbage disposal. There is also more use of water for baths and showers and all together it means there is more potential for a plumbing emergency.

Kitchen Holiday Home Plumbing Tips

  • Don't put cooking oils, fats, and grease down the kitchen drain as these liquids become solidified and create clogs in the pipes.
  • Don't throw turkey skin or bones, or onion peels and potatoes into the garbage disposal.
  • Avoid placing food that will expand down the drain such as rice as this will contribute to clogs.
  • Avoid placing fibrous, stringy, or hard to grind materials into the garburator such as celery, banana peels, poultry skins, as the disposal was not designed for these materials and will cause damage to the unit.
  • Make sure to turn on your garbage disposal prior to adding materials into it and run some cold water down the kitchen drain before and after using it in order to flush any lingering waste.
  • Use the washing machine or dishwasher during the later evening and you will maintain water pressure and conserve water for your house guests.
  • With more people in the house encourage your guests not flush products and items down the toilet which can clog such as hair, facial scrubbers, or feminine products.

Bathroom Holiday Home Plumbing Tips

  • Plan showers ahead of time and spread them out through the day waiting at least ten minutes in between rather than having them back to back.
  • Turn up the temperature slightly on your hot water heater with guests in your home to retain more hot water just be certain not to exceed 125°F.
  • To increase the water pressure in your shower place some vinegar in a plastic bag and hold it in place overnight with a twist tie. Use an old toothbrush to scrub built up mineral deposits gently and you will notice an improvement.

General Plumbing Holiday Home Plumbing Tips

  • Cover exposed pipes in your garage, basement, crawl space, or attic with insulation sleeves if possible, or rags, towels, and blankets to insulate them from freezing. It only takes a trickle of water running through a frozen pipe to have it burst and cause major water damage in your home.
  • As long as your pipes are not frozen leave the faucet to drip during extremely cold weather to help prevent this.
  • Prevent drafts in your home by insulating them, especially where water supply pipes are near areas that do not get much heat.
  • Allow the doors underneath faucets and around your home to remain open so air can circulate and all areas are able to get more heat.
  • Use a heat lamp, blow dryer, pipe thawer or any non-flammable heat source to thaw potentially frozen pipes.
  • In order to prevent problems when ice melts turn off the water supply at the main shut-off valve and turn on faucets to relieve the pressure.
  • Remember to disconnect hoses from your outdoor faucets in order to drain any water around your home's exterior which prevents it from freezing and creating leaking pipes when it unfreezes.
By keeping these holiday home plumbing tips in mind you can be confident that you'll not run into a plumbing emergency during a special occasion with a house full of guests such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Should you need assistance winter-proofing your home give us a call and we will employ many of the techniques above and more to ensure you enjoy a safe, happy holiday season!

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